“It’s Good To Be King”  Tom Petty / “King of Pain” The Police / “Speed King” Deep Purple / “The King Must Die” Elton John / “In the Hall of the Mountain King” Electric Light Orchestra / “King of the World” Steely Dan / “Sun King”  The Beatles / “King of Rome” Pet Shop Boys / “King of Guitar” B.B. King / “King of Birds”  R.E.M. / “A Farewell to Kings” Rush / “King of Wishful Thinking” Go West / “The Temple of the King” Rainbow / “Suburban King” Pat Benatar / “King of the Mountain” Kate Bush / “House of the King” Focus / “Your Love Is King” Sade / “The King Has Lost His Crown” ABBA / “The Man Who Would Be King” Iron Maiden / “King of the New York Streets” Dion DiMucci / “California King Bed” Rihanna